Ginger is very important ingredient for the holistic medicine and it is used to deal with some stomach issues, treat arthritis, reduce blood sugar levels or lowers the bad cholesterol. If you consume it regularly you will improve your overall health.

With ginger as main ingredient you can make ginger beer at home as a remedy that will reduce pain, fight against inflammation and even prevent cancer.

Many people claim that ginger helped them to remove the pain from the muscles, back and to relieve the chronic pain at patients who suffer from rheumatoid or degenerative arthritis. It also has great calming characteristics.

What do you need to prepare this ginger beer

  • 200 gr. ginger
  • 20 gr. sugar
  • 1 slice from a lemon1 table spoon of natural honey
  • couple of lime drops
  • 450 ml. still water
  • 120 ml. mineral water

How to prepare it:

Boil the still water in a large pot. Meanwhile, chop the ginger and add it into the boiling water. Cook it on low heat for five minutes and leave it rest for half an hour. Then strain the water. After this prepare the syrup.

In a cup of still water dissolve the sugar and boil it for 2 minutes. At the end serve yourself with the ginger beer. Put half cup of ginger water, one third of cup syrup and half cup mineral sparkling water.Season it with several lime juice drops and a tablespoon of organic honey. Lemon slice is for decoration.

You will be amazed by the health benefits of this ginger beer. It will relieve your stomach issues and improve the digestive system. It is also a good remedy when you have flu or cold. It will lower the high blood pressure and reduce the cholesterol levels. Ginger beer boosts the blood circulation and prevents cancer too.