Every time we feel a headache, toothache or back pain we reach for ibuprofen. These pills give us the feeling of relieving but it is not permanent. Next day we can feel even worse that leads to frustration of leaving in a constant pain.

Ibuprofens don’t cure the pain, they just relieve it and what’s more if you take them on regular bases you can have some serious damages on the health particularly on the heart muscle. So try to avoid ibuprofen and start using this 100 % natural remedy without any side- effects.

Turmeric is a traditional Asian medicine for centuries used for treating any kind of pain because it is high in potent polyphenols.

Turmeric powder has got more than 600 healthy properties and it is just at the rich on your hand. You can find it in any store or market.

Prepare this very cheap and natural remedy for relieving and treating the pain:

You need one table spoon of turmeric powder, 300 grams of natural honey and juice from one lemon.

Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and put it in a glass jar. Add one spoon in a warm tea three times a day and pain will be cured very soon and you can forget about ibuprofen.

Also you can use turmeric daily in your smoothies, food like some top chefs and gurus do.

Turmeric characteristics are highly beneficial for treating osteoarthritis. There was a research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine about the effectiveness of the turmeric against pain killers like ibuprofen.

In this research were included 109 patients with knee osteoarthritis in the period of 6 weeks. They were divided in two groups. The first group had 800 mg of ibuprofen and the second one 2000 mg. turmeric.

Also the level of pain was measured while physical activities like walking, riding bicycle and climbing stairs.

The results of this study were amazing. Patients who took turmeric instead of ibuprofen had better results and healthier option to deal with pain.

So replace the pills with the turmeric drink and you will have far more health benefits for entire organism.