Everyone has heard about the Epsom salts because of their beneficial characteristics, ability to detox the body and are also well known as part of the household cleaning and gardening. Many cultures around the world have used them for more than thousand years. Epsom salts can be very easy found in the stores and they are not expensive too.

They have got their name by the bitter saline spring in Surrey, England, called Epsom. So, why is this salt special and different from the others?


That is because Epsom salt is made of pure mineral compounds of sulfate and magnesium. These are already known as powerful detoxifiers of the body and offer great health benefits.

The compounds from the Epsom salts are directly absorbed by the skin which acts like a porous membrane. They get into the bloodstream and remove the toxins.

– Magnesium is responsible for soothing inflammation, boosting the blood flow, improving the muscles and nerves function and for oxygenation the whole body. It is also important for more than 320 enzymes.

– Sulfates are important for maintaining your skin, joints and nervous tissues in a healthy condition. When mixed with magnesium, they can remove the toxins and help in the process of building up protein molecules in the joints and brain.

It is recommended to add the Epsom salts while taking a bath to eliminate the dangerous toxins from your body by eliminating salt and making some space for sulfate and magnesium to get into the body. This process is called reverse osmosis.

If you regularly put Epsom salts in a bath water you can help yourself in case of toenail fungus, sprains, bruises, muscle pain, gout, athlete’s foot and also treat inflammation and pain.

Please consult your physician about the use of the Epsom salt if you are pregnant, have cardiovascular problems, have open wounds or burns or you are dehydrated.

While bathing with these salts you will need 20 minutes for the body to absorb the minerals and 20 more to flush the toxins from your body.

Here is the recommended dose of the Epsom salts for one warm bath:

• For children less than 30 kg- add 100 grams of the salts in the bathwater

• For people between 30 and 45 kg- add 250 grams of the salts in the bathwater

• For people between 45 and 70 kg- add 400 grams of the salts in the bathwater

• For people between 70 and 90 kg – add 500 grams of the salts in the bathwater

• For people over 100 kg add 100 more grams of the salts

Further, you can add couple of table spoons of olive oil for the skin and cayenne powder in order to boost the heat and sweat more.

Don’t use soaps while bathing with Epsom salts because they can interfere with the process of detoxification.

Take a rest for an hour after this treatment.