A simple nap can make wonders for you. It will make you feel more energized, raise your concentration levels, make you more focused and recharge your batteries.That is why some towns or even areas in the world are literary shut down during the nap time.

People in America are not that privileged. Even if they have a chance they don’t nap. But naps are very beneficial if they are normal and regular and they are considered to be a part of circadian rhythm.

There are some companies like Google and Apple which let their employees to have a nap before they continue their work. They agree that the napping increases the productivity and strengthen the focus on performance.

There is a study from University of Colorado where it is stated that kids who don’t nap, have more problems with anxiety, learning skills and lose interest faster than those children who regularly take a nap and feel more joyful.

This refers to adults too. If you often take a nap your memory and learning skills will improve and you will feel refreshed. The brain needs that reboot in order to function better.

The duration of the Nap

Average nap, by the experts, should last 10 to 20 minutes. After the nap the brain will restore its functionality and will be regenerated. It is better for you if the nap is lighter and shorter, contrary you may feel groggy.

If the nap lasts one hour then the body falls in a phase of serious sleep and if you wake up in the middle of it you will feel more tired than before the nap.

10- 20 minutes nap is also called power nap because it boosts your energy. This period is in the lighter stage of non- rapid eye movement sleep, so after the nap you can straightly go back to your duties.

After 30 minutes sleep you will need 30 more to completely wake up and you will feel like having a hangover.
60 minutes nap is good for remembering facts, names or faces. It is in the interval of deep sleep but the bed side is that after this nap you will feel groggy.

90 minutes nap is good for procedural and emotional memory. It is a full sleeping cycle but you have to be careful if it doesn’t disturb the night sleep.

Taking nap improves your thinking capacity and creativity. Always nap if you can but also have in mind not to disturb your night sleep.