Jackfruit is a delicacy fruit that grows in tropical and hot areas on our planet an it is used by the locals for preparing food. It is packed with nutrients that are good for overall health and some compounds that are successful in fighting the cancer.

Colon cancer is very hard to sure, what makes it one of the most dangerous type of cancer that only in USA, according to national cancer institute has killed more than million people.


Jack fruit is rich in lignans, saponins, isoflavones and phytonutrients, all great preventers of the free radicals responsible for causing cancer and some other chronic diseases.

-Phytonutrients can be found in many plants and they all can have benefits for our health. They prevent the forming of cancer cells in the first, early stage of cancer an cause mitotic arrest.

Phytonutrients from the jackfruit can help a patient who suffers from belly ulcers and remarkably improve his health.

– Saponins can kill the colon cancer by attacking the outer layer of the cancer cell and interrupting their further growth. Some research has shown that in many cases it can create a remission too.

– Lignans and isoflavones are situated on the receptors of estrogens and they are considered as powerful tool in lowering the endometrial cancer risk. A study conducted in 2006 covered 500 randomly chosen women divided in two groups.

The first one had to consume large level of lignans and isoflavones of jackfruit’s leaves and showed amazing results. Those women had lower risk of cancer in comparison mith the control group.

– Jackfruit is a powerful antioxidant which makes it a great protector of the cellular DNA from the damage that could be potentially done by the free radicals of oxygen.

It is packed with fibers and represents the best colon cleanser and cleaner of the digestive tract. It successfully fights already created mutations too.

– Jackfruit is a great source of vitamin C and sugars which are very important for boosting the immune system.

Here is a list of other nutritional value of the Jackfruit:

– Jackfruit contains high level of niacin, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, and Vitamins C and A.

– Jackfruit is rich in minerals too: magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, selenium, manganese, calcium and phosphorus.

– Jackfruit is rich in simple sugars, essential for your health.

– Jackfruit improves the digestive system and lowers the colorectal cancer risk.

– It’s got minimum saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol.

– In only one cup of jackfruit, there are 155 calories and only 4 of them are just from the fat.

– In only one cup of jackfruit satisfies 11% of the fiber daily intake.

Try this delicious fruit and help your body to stay in a healthy condition.