Many studies have proved that turmeric does great things for improving your health. Eating just a pinch of turmeric on daily bases has some good results as working out for an hour. It maintains your cardio system in a healthy shape.

Its main compound is curcuma which is polyphenol which main task is to improve the work of your heart.

It also lowers the risk of heart attacks after the bypass surgeries up to 50 percent.
A study was conducted over 32 women in a period of 8 weeks. The women were in menopause or post menopause periods and divided in 3 groups.

In the first one there were women who regularly consumed curcuma, 150 mg every day, the second group contained women who regularly exercised and did aerobics 3 times a week including walking and cycling and the third group consisted of women who didn’t take curcuma or exercise.

The main points of interest in this study were function of the vessels, general health, elasticity and the link to atherosclerosis.

The results showed that women in the first two groups had same good results and great results for the blood vessels too.

Turmeric helps in more than 600 health issues but still cannot completely replace the working out. So it is the best to combine these two things and motivate ourselves to starts consuming turmeric and working out at the same time.

And if you are beginner don’t worry because the turmeric will reduce the pain and inflammation after workout.

It will reduce the ventricular issues and have a positive effect on the stress tolerance.