When buying conventional spices in the markets you think that you are supplying with healthy dry herbs for your meals and never read the labels because herbs are good for your health. That’s right. Spices are great but not all of them, just organic ones, free of preservatives, artificial flavor and color and free of GMO.

So, you suppose what this text is all about. Yes, conventional spices go through range of manufacturing processes and they completely lose their value.


They are treated with many chemicals, preservatives and toxic sterilization ingredients which are forbidden in European countries but not in America.

Ethylene oxide for sterilization processes

This toxic chemical compound causes DNA mutations and damage of chromosomes and it is part of the toxic chemicals used for sterilization of spices in the process of manufacturing.

Spices are usually stored in places before sale where can be easily attacked by many insects that leave insect parts, rodent hair or feces in there.

So in order to remove all those nasty ingredients, manufacturers use many chemicals to sterilize the spices among which Ethylene oxide.

– This dangerous ingredient, according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency in United States) has negative short term and long term effects on human health.

It causes depression of the nervous system, skin irritation, eyes and mucous membrane irritation, nerve dysfunction and some more severe cases of Hodgkin’s disease and even leukemia, stomach cancer and other.

Ethylene oxide is classified in B1 group of probable carcinogens because there are many studies that need to be conducted to confirm its harmful effects.

Another harmful sterilization process is radiation in order to kill contaminants and bacteria in spices. But all you got is a product without vitamins and enzymes destroyed together with the bacteria in the food irradiation process thus making the spices toxic and carcinogenic causing many diseases and aging.

Monosodium glutamate is one more harmful and carcinogen ingredient in the process of sterilization especially toxic for endocrine system and brain. It causes problems with kidneys and many diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s, migraines and obesity.

Even cardiac problems are not excluded. Monosodium glutamate stands for the following names: textured protein, autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein and sodium caseinate.

Here is a list of possible toxic ingredients that conventional spices contain:

– Artificial color and flavor

– GMO derivates

– Preservatives

Tip: Always check the manufacturer and make sure that the spices you buy are organic and free of toxins.