Every time you see your kids picking their noses you tell them to stop doing that but very often it is a subconscious reaction to some other health issue. Snots are a sign that your body is fighting against cold, cavity or something else. 

And sometimes you may notice that kids eat the snots which seem grouse but it’s a sign that they want to deal with something that’s bothering them. So, if you see them with the fingers stuck in their noises, let them do it but carefully follow the situation.


Snot battles cavities

Bacteria called streptococcus mutans causes cavity which can be stopped from damaging your teeth if they are coated with snot. Actually, MUC5B is a key compound in the snot that protects the teeth which is stated in a study conducted by Ribbeck and Frenkel and published in a journal of Environmental Microbiology.

These bacteria are eating the sugar from your teeth and make the enamel of the teeth erosive which leads to cavity. The roll of the snot is to trap the streptococcus mutans and not to let it develop further from the planktonic phase thus interrupting the teeth enamel erosion and save our teeth.

Boogers keep us away from common cold

We live in highly sanitized conditions, very frequently washing ourselves with anti bacterial soaps which don’t let our bodies building a natural protection from germs and bacteria. Our organism isn’t able to produce antibodies to fight systematically and regularly with those bacteria.

So when your children sometimes eat the snot it may be the sign that they are trying to fight the cold unconsciously.By the explanation of Scott Napper, a biochemist from Canada eating the snot has benefits on the young’s health.

This is good because snot traps germs, dust and bacteria from the air and when you let them enter in small amounts the body produces antibodies to fight them out. So the next time when your kids meet these kinds of bacteria in greater amount their organism will be ready to fight them off.

– But if you still think that this habit is nasty and totally unnecessary we can offer you some alternative and natural ways to fight cavity and common cold.

Brushing teeth among children can sometimes be demanding and tiring so instead you can try some of these tips for clean and healthy teeth free of streptococcus mutans.

1. Offer your kids with apples because they clean their teeth and encourage the saliva which inhibits the bacteria.

2. Use coconut oil as a tooth paste and keep the harmful bacteria away from the teeth.

3. Cranberries are also packed with flavonoids which prevent cavity and additionally they will keep you save from urinary infections.

4. Avoid candies, soda, sugary cereals, syrups and sauces especially before going to bed.

– When you have a cold there is no need to rich for expensive and harmful medications to feel better. You can eliminate the symptoms of a cold with some alternative techniques.

1. Drink a lot of liquids like water and tea without sugar and keep yourself hydrated. This will help you to flush out mucus easier.

2. Eat fresh fruit rich in vitamin C and avoid sugary orange juices from the supermarkets. They are packed with sugar which will make the job of your body to fight the infection more difficult.

3. Consume warm soup rich in vegetables because it is easy to eat with your sore throat and because the mucus will dilute from the warmth and you can easily flash it out. The nutrients are bonus for your immune system.

4. Ginger is number one ingredient when it comes to common cold. Make yourself a ginger tea and fight off the inflammation easy and fast.

To sum up, picking nose is not a good habit but it is somehow beneficial for the health of your kids, but it is not that big to start encouraging them to do that, what is more important teach them to take care of their bodies by feeding them healthy and properly.