The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It filters all the toxins that get in to the body and is responsible for numerous functions of the organs.

The liver is storing minerals and vitamins; It is digesting the fats and processing the nutrient from the food we eat.This is more than enough to know why we should take care about our liver.

The liver cleans our body from toxins in two phases. In the first one by enzymes which are transforming the toxins to not so harmful substances, and in the second phase those substances transform into molecules easily soluble in water. In that way the toxins can be fast removed from your body.

Every person is exposed to toxins from the surrounding even if you lead a healthy life. So it is essential to clean your liver at least two times a year. Don’t wait to feel the consequences of the toxin overloaded liver. Then the liver cannot function normally and it is storing the toxins in the fat tissues.

Then, your liver becomes sluggish and you feel negative emotions and lethargy. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, allergies and pain in the muscles are also very often symptoms of sluggish liver.

Now is the right time to clean your liver. Start with preparing home meals instead f a packed food. Eating healthy is essential to detoxify the liver so please follow these steps for better life.

1. Try to drink from 2 – 4 liters of water every day. It is essential for liver detoxifying and hydration.

2. Always use fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your meals. Don’t eat GMO products.

3. Replace the sunflower oil with olive oil or coconut oil.

4. Artichokes, avocado, broccoli, flax and chia seeds are very rich in fibers so use them daily.

5. Avoid consuming white sugar and white salt.

6. Eat green vegetables because they have great concentration of vitamin C and potassium in them.

7. Eat food that contains sulfur like organic eggs, garlic and kale.

8. Alcohol restriction.

9. Use the spice turmeric in your food in every occasion because it stimulates the regeneration of the liver and has anti inflammatory characteristics.

10. Artichokes have very high level of antioxidants and they will help your liver to remove the free radicals from your body.

11. One of the best cleaners of your liver is the milk thistle. Consume it like a supplement or in a liquid form.