Fresh cucumbers are exceptional vegetables when we talk about the process of detoxification of our body. They flash out all the toxins from the digestive and intestinal tract as a result of the mighty diuretic properties.

Due to its nutrients like fibers, zinc, calcium, magnesium and vitamins C, E and B you will be able to speed up the metabolism and remove the excess water from your body.


What’s more, your skin will be cleaned and rejuvenate too. With regular consumption of cucumbers the problems with the acne will be gone. You can also lose the excessive weight in a fast and effective way, 7 kg in just one week.

Follow this dietary plan based on cucumbers in order to detoxify your body and lose some weight:

First, supply yourself with enough fresh cucumbers for a week and start to plan your daily menu by the following tips. Have in mind that you have to eat five times a day and still lose weight.

– Start your day with a cucumber salad and two boiled eggs.

Here is the recipe for the cucumber salad.

In a bowl mix 2 middle sized peeled and chopped cucumbers with some onion and a glass of yoghurt, add some Himalayan salt and enjoy.

– For snack you can have some fruit like peach or apple plus five plums.

– For lunch make the cucumber salad from the breakfast with one slice of toasted bread.

– For the second snack make a cucumber shake. For this shake you will need a handful of spinach, an apple and one medium sized cucumber.

Pill the cucumber and the apple, chop and put them in a blender. Add the spinach and mix on high speed. Drink it fresh and enjoy this tasty shake.

– For dinner you can have your favorite fruit about 300 grams of it.