Every woman would like to skip one menstrual cycle and rest for a while, but if this really happen should we be worry about that? There are numerous symptoms that gynecologists warn us and they mustn’t be ignored. Reduced or excessive bleeding or skipped menstrual cycle can alert us for some serious problems.

This is the right time to visit your gynecologist!

1. When you have two or more skipped menstrual cycles and you are sure that it’s not about pregnancy than there is a reason to be worried. Some of the reasons can be stress, hormonal misbalance, premature menopause or problems with the thyroid gland.

Exempted cycles sometimes can lead to a condition before cancer by making the abnormal cells to grow. In this case besides the regular treatment your gynecologist will do a blood test in order to check your hormone level including thyroxin and whether you have a polycystic ovary.

2. If you feel a sharp pain followed by cramps, then you might have endometriosis. This is when the cells that grow in the inner part of the uterus, start to grow on the external wall and make you feel an abnormal pain.

Usually women who had very painful menstrual cycles when they were young have problem with endometriosis. The symptoms of this condition can start any time.

3. If you take birth control pills, it can be normal to have bleeding among two menstrual cycles. But sometimes it can be more serious than that and you should visit your gynecologist immediately. Maybe it is about a fibroid, ovarian cyst or pre- cancer cells.

4. If you notice an excessive bleeding for instance if you have to change your pad every hour or less, these can be symptoms of serious problem. Also if your menstruation lasts more than 10 days can cause anemia. This can be a signal for polyps, fibroids, myoma or hyperplasia. This condition needs immediate medical intervention.

5. Some of us have unbearable symptoms of menstruation. A lot of women have cravings for food in this condition, or rapid changes in the mood, depression, rage and you suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

This is the worst type of premenstrual syndromes and can be very unpleasant. But don’t worry this can be easily controlled by taking appropriate anti depressants for a month.

6.The patients who suffer from asthma, diabetes, depression or arthritis have experienced the phenomenon known as premenstrual magnification. Their illnesses are emphasized in a bad way during the menstruation.

Please contact your doctors which pill to take in order to feel better.