The microwave ovens work on 2.45 billion hertz which isn’t dangerous for people. But at the beginning, it wasn’t made to be a kitchen utensil. It was made to be a war radar tool.

It was designed by two scientists in the World War 2 as a special tube called magnetron which was producing microwave power. It was able to locate the Nazi airplanes and helped in bombing.

Then by an accident, when one of the members of the military complex Raytheon Company, was standing next to the tube, found out that the chocolate in his pocket has melted.

So, this man called Percy LeBaron Spencer got the idea that a food can be cook on those microwaves and invented the firs microwave oven called Radar Range in huge proportions.

This explains a lot about its nature and attracts curiosity about its safety in cooking.

The first thing is: never stand next to the microwave when it is turned on because the side- effects can be very serious to your health and they are confirmed by many researches :

  •  It weakens your immune system
  •  Causes cataracts
  •  It lowers the resistance of bacterial and viral infection
  •  Causes birth defects while pregnancy
  •  Can cause cancer

The microwave has also bad influence on the food too. Here are some of them:

  • It eliminates nutrients from the food (by Hans Hertel in his study about the microwaves)
  • It deforms the molecules of the food and leads to forming radioactive compounds
  • By the study of Search for Health; it makes the level of cholesterol to rise, lowers the hemoglobin, increases the leukocytes, and decreases the white blood cells
  • The breast milk heated in microwave oven loses 96% of its antibodies

Always have in mind to stay further when the microwave is working and make sure that your microwave is completely sealed and doesn’t leak.

Because even so the electromagnetic field around it is dangerous itself and causes serious illnesses.

Make your health and the health of your family a priority and eliminate the effects of the microwaves.