If you have an important event soon that you have to attend to and your favorite dress doesn’t fit you well then you have only 3 days to get back in shape. This military diet will help you lose up to 5 kilos of weight by eliminating the excess fat, regulate your metabolism and boost the energy.

You just have to follow some simple procedure for great results. If you need to lose some more weight, then it is allowed to repeat the diet after four days.


Here are the rules that you must respect:

It is allowed to consume water, tea, lemon juice and black coffee from the drinks and all kind of spices, mustard and non caloric sweeteners. If you are a vegetarian you can replace the meat with lentils.

Here is the Military diet by days:

– Day 1

Breakfast: Put some peanut butter on a slice of toasted bread. Have a cup of coffee and a half grapefruit.

Lunch: One slice of toasted bread with 100 grams of tuna. Have a cup of coffee after the lunch.

Dinner: 100 grams of meat with 250 grams of green beans. As a dessert you can have an apple, half of banana and 2 scoops of ice cream.

-Day 2

Breakfast: One slice of toasted bread with one hardboiled egg and half banana.

Lunch: Five crackers, 200 grams of cottage cheese and one hardboiled egg.

Dinner: Two hot dogs with 150 grams of fresh grinded carrots and 150 grams of broccoli. For dessert, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and half a banana.

Day 3

Breakfast: Five crackers with a thin slice of cheddar cheese plus one apple.

Lunch: A slice of toasted bread with one hardboiled egg.

Dinner: 200 grams of tuna fish and for dessert take two scoops of vanilla ice cream and half banana.

It is important to exercise during this diet. You can walk, swim, run or jump on the skipping rope. If you don’t feel well or have any medical problems please consult your doctor before you start this Military dietary regimen.

It is quick, simple and cheap and doesn’t take too much time preparing the meals.