A glass of red wine a day for some people is a part of their regular diet and healthy lifestyle but for others, drinking wine on daily basis represents overrated habit. However, there are many studies conducted on the health benefits of the red wine and all of them agree about the red wine positive contribution for better function of the heart.

But be careful when consuming wine, because it is an alcohol and have many side effects on human health.

Excessive consumption may lead to serious health damages, so if you are red wine lover then drink it in moderate amounts and you will improve your health.

Have you heard the phrase “French paradox”? It refers to French who are among nations with the lowest rate of any heart illnesses even though they eat food rich in cholesterol and saturated fats.

This cannot be in consideration if you consume it moderately but anyway drinking red wine protects them from the negative effects of these kinds of harmful nutrients.

The healthy lifestyle is responsible for the French wellbeing even though many people believe that it is the consumption of red wine that makes French pretty healthy population.

– Red wine is produced by a process of fermentation of dark colored grapes and is potent in antioxidants like epicatechin, catechin, proanthocyanidins and resveratrol. The last two ones are the main antioxidants for improving the health by reducing the damages and preventing any heart illnesses and even cancer.

– There are many studies for the function of rasveratrol that proved its health benefits which are concentrated on fighting inflammation and preventing blood clothing thus lowering the risk of cancer or heart illnesses.

There was even a study conducted on rats that showed that resveratrol could prolong their lives. In this study it was also represented the ability of resveratrol to do the same function on heart and muscles as exercising do.

But for this purpose you need to drink a lot of wine because its content of resveratrol is low to replace the benefits of regular working out. And because we are all familiar with the negative effects of the alcohol it is better to take it as a supplement in order to reduce inflammation in your body and reduce the risk of heart illnesses.

Additionally, red wine in moderate amounts is among the healthiest alcoholic drinks because it reduces the risk of strokes and heart diseases. The maximum recommended dosage per day is 150 ml, everything over this dose will dramatically raise the rate of heart illnesses.

So people who consume the daily recommended amount have a chance to lower the risk of heart issues up to 30 % and to lower the bad cholesterol level up to 50 % in comparison with people who don’t consume red wine at all.

Men in their middle ages may benefit the most from the moderate drinking of red wine because it is indicated in a study that 2 glasses a day can lower the risk of strokes and when de-alcoholized it helps in lowering the blood pressure. But always have in mind that there is a thin line between moderate and overrated consumption of alcohol.

Red wine offers great improvements to our health all due to the powerful antioxidants.

Here are some others advantages of consuming red wine:

– By drinking red wine you are lowering the risk of cancers like: ovary, basal cell cancer, colon and prostate cancer.

– Approximately 7 glasses of red wine weekly will improve your mood, so you won’t become depressed. This refers especially to elderly and middle aged people.

– Lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by consuming 2 glasses of red wine on daily basis.

– Regular consumption of recommended dose of red wine for a month will lower the insulin resistance and risk of diabetes type 2 among women.

It is important to know the health advantages of average intake of red wine but it is also essential to be aware of the negative effects of overconsumption of alcohol.

Here is a list of the disadvantages caused by drinking too much alcohol:

– Alcohol causes addiction which leads to alcoholism.

– Alcohol causes a life- threatening liver disease that can be fatal in its last stage and it is called cirrhosis.

– The depression rate is very high among heavy alcohol drinkers.

– Alcohol, especially red wine is rich in sugar actually calories that contribute to gaining weight.

– It can be fatal to your life and even cause a premature death when consuming too much alcohol.

So let’s sum up. There is nothing to worry about if you drink the recommended dose of red wine which would be 1 to 2 glasses for men and 1 to 1.5 glasses for women a day. This dosage is considered to be moderate in America and Europe so everything over this numbers is exceeded consumption of alcohol.

It is good to pause for one day weekly and have in mind that this is a recommended dose for all alcohol beverages in total a day not by type. Be very precautious if any member of your family or you has a history of alcohol abuse.

Besides the health benefits of the red wine, if there is any risk to your health caused by alcohol you can always choose not to consume it. There are many other natural ways to improve your well being without any side effects.