Neem Tree is known to Ayurveda up to five millenniums. It was very popular in the past and still many of the best natural remedies are made from the parts of this marvelous tree. And it is one of the rare plants which every part is completely used from the seeds, root and flower through the leaves and bark.

It contains over 130 various powerful compounds and its main characteristics are anti bacterial and antiviral and in the same time active stimulant of the immune system.


This is a list of things that each Neem part is good for:

– Neem’s seed is used for making seed oil which is good for causing abortions and birth control.

– The leaves were used for the same reason like the seeds but they have many other fields of acting like: fever, gingivitis, cardiovascular issues, for improving appetite, bloody nose, problems with eyes, upset stomach, liver disorder, intestinal worms and leprosy.

– The neem’s flower is very beneficial for the bile and intestinal worms but it is also helpful in reducing the mucus.

– The bark from the Neem tree is a great remedy for fever, malaria, stomach issues, for soothing pain and healing some skin diseases.

– From branches you can make a great cure for diabetes, asthma and cough, urinary problems and hemorrhoids and raise the sperm level. It is great for cleaning your teeth in case you don’t have a toothbrush.

– The fruit is a great tonic and natural cure for skin issues, skin ulcers, mosquito bites and skin injuries. It has a power to make the skin softer and additionally it was used directly on the head to fight the lice.

But this amazing tree has one other extremely important characteristic that is great for every one of us! It is completely natural and very efficient pesticide! People usually use it in organic agriculture because it is totally safe for eating and keep the plants free of insects up to 90 %.