Eggs are packed with cholesterol, precisely, 180 mg cholesterol in one big egg. What does this mean for your heart?

This is nearly equal harmful as smoking because cholesterol as we all know causes heart attacks, coronary artery issues and other serious ailments.

This was shown in a recent study conducted by Canadian scientists and published in Atherosclerosis research journal. In this study more than 1200 participants in their early 60’s were examined.


They had their carotid arteries checked and their amount of atherosclerotic plaque measured. And the results were devastating and worrying.

Most of the patients consumed 5 eggs in a week or one egg every day which led to the same quantity of atherosclerotic plaque as patients who smoked only 5 cigarettes in 24 hours.

Researchers are re- questioning the safety on eating eggs and their impact on our cardiovascular health. So next time reconsider your breakfasts options and pick something fresh and healthier.

Here are some suggestions on how to eat eggs and still stay healthy:

1. First, when you reach for a cookie as a snack, it is very possible that it contains eggs, so instead choosing one if you have already had an egg for breakfast that day, take some nuts rich in nutrients, amino acids, fibers and vitamins.

2. When you make scrambled eggs for breakfast put one whole egg and two more egg whites, because the egg yolk is packed with cholesterol. One egg yolk contains half of the daily recommended dose of cholesterol.

3. Always chose organic eggs instead of the conventional one. Pastured laid eggs are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E than the cage laid ones.

4. When you eat eggs always combine them with something fresh like vegetables, whole grains, toasted bread or fruit. Do not consume them with bacon or sausages!