Onions has a specific taste and aroma and great health benefits. Onions are great antioxidants and have anti- inflammatory characteristics.

Due to the sulfur as an active compound of the onions, they help in case of diabetes, act as antibiotics and have antiseptic properties. Onions are useful in treating arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and regulate the cholesterol level.

Now, we are presenting the onion as a remedy for some common ailments as it was used in the past.

In case of constant cough, just peel one big onion and cut it in two pieces. Sprinkle halves with brown sugar and leave it for one hour. Than consume it two times a day.

To treat vomiting prepare this recipe. Grade the onion over gauze. Then squeeze it to make an onion juice. Add 1 tablespoon of this juice in a peppermint tea and drink it when is cool. Repeat this treatment after 10 minutes and you will feel better in no time.

To treat fever, chop the onion, mix it with coconut oil and massage your feet with this. Or you can just put thin slices of onion on your feet and tight them with socks. Go to bed and you will feel better in the morning.

Blend some onion and coconut oil until it become a paste. Rub it on your chest, secure it with a towel and leave it for a while. This remedy is used for dissolving chest congestion.

To immediately seize the bleeding from a cut just peel the transparent skin from the onion and apply it directly on the wound.

Chop some onion and put it in a sock. Apply this on your ear if you have an earache and leave it until the pain disappears.

To speed up the growth of your hair, rub some onion on the scalp.

Avoid freckles by massaging onion on your skin.

Onion can clean your house from bacteria and viruses, so spread it around your home.

This will also help in prevention of moths in your wardrobes and will protect your home plants from pests.