Onion is one of the most beneficial vegetable rich in vitamin C, B6, dietary fibers and manganese. It is among healthiest plants on earth.

It’s got numerous health properties and here are some of them:

  •  Onion regulates the sugar levels in the blood due to chromium concentration in it
  • With the help of vitamin C and phytochemicals in the onion you can bust your immune system
  • It reduces the bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy
  • Onion can reduce inflammatory processes and heal infections
  • It helps you relieve the pain from a bee sting
  • It has got antiviral and antibacterial characteristics that kill germs and bacteria
  • Onion contains Quercetin, a substance that helps in preventing cancer

Read on to find out how to remove the toxins from your blood with the help of onion.

Onion purifies the air and destroys germs and bacteria. It is rich in phosphoric acid that enters your blood flow and kills germs and bacteria that cause any kind of flu.

Protect yourself and purify your blood stream by putting some onion at the bottom of your feet.

Why? Because there are meridians (access point), pathways to the nervous system situated on that part of our feet that are directly connected with the internal organs in our body. That is why experts recommend walking bare foot, in order to stimulate those meridians because in shoes they become passive.

Take one big onion and cut it into flat circles. Then put one circle under each foot as a platform.

Put on a sock to make it stable and go to bed.

Leave through the night and repeat it every night before going to bed.