In almost every country in the world cancer is the leading cause of death or among the first three and the ovarian cancer at women is one of the most common types of cancer.

Ovarian cancer is very sneaky and it is usually called silent killer. Its symptoms are very difficult to be caught on screening. It affects mostly women in post- menopausal period but the women from the 30 to 40 years of age are not excluded too.


This type of cancer starts to develop when the tumors formed by the ovarian cells are becoming malignant.

So it is crucial to detect it in very early stage with the regular checks by your doctor.

But even then the symptoms can be mixed up with the irritable bowel syndrome or other disease, and unfortunately there aren’t any reliable blood tests and consequently the cancer will be diagnosed when it will be late, usually in third stage.

Here are 4 main symptoms for early detection of Ovarian Cancer:

1. Consistent bloating that is very frequent and lasts for more than 20 days. this persistent bloating is an indicator for growing tumor.

2. Persistent pelvic and lower abdominal pain that lasts more than 20 days are also indicating an Ovarian Cancer.

You can feel this kind of pain while menstruation period or pre- menopausal period but they are usually short and last for few days.

3. Loosing appetite or constant feeling of fullness can also be symptoms of ovarian cancer. These are common symptoms for some other ailments like bowel and intestine issues so it is always the best to consult your doctor first.

4. Urged and frequent trips to the toilet is a sign for early stage of the ovarian cancer. If this isn’t happening due to the amount of liquid intake than it is time to visit your doctor for further examination.

Monitor yourself and be aware about the health changes in your organism.

These symptoms can be easily mistaken with some issues of the gastrointestinal tract but mind their frequency and persistence and always consult your doctor.