Panic attacks are usually short term but intensive, they leave you exhausted and terrified and very often devastated. Many people describe them as heart attack but the most common symptoms are sweaty hands, pain in the chest, weakness and dizziness, rapid breathing and high pulse rate.

Panic attack is actually mental problem and it is very awkward that one time you are thinking about anything and the very next moment you feel like you are dying. Suddenly your surrounding becomes unreal, your thoughts go wild and you feel like you are going crazy. So, how to stop this situation and reduce the duration of the panic attack?

Basically, to help yourself in such situation you have to do something that will interrupt the symptoms before the stage when they become terrifying and painful. This is something that you have to practice regularly in order to lower their intensity, because panic attacks cannot be stopped immediately.

Follow these tips and you will be able to calm down every time you have a panic attack. Learn them well and practice every time you get to this point and soon you will be able to live your life free of those miserable attacks.

This is what you have to do:

– First you need to recognize the moment when you start getting anxious and accept it!

– Then take a deep breath from your stomach not from the chest. Put your hand on your belly area to be sure that it is expanding and focus on proper breathing. Shut your eyes and breathe in for 6 seconds, then hold your breath for 3 seconds.

Open your lips just a little bit and slowly exhale for about 8 seconds. This way you will free your body from the stress and stop the wave of panic attack.

– Meditation techniques for relaxation are very helpful for controlling the panic attacks and calming the senses down. So every time you start panicking, close your eyes and start chanting “om” mantra in order to relax and concentrate on breathing and positive vibration.

– Walking outdoors can be of a great help if you start feeling a panic attack because walking lowers the adrenaline level thus reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

– Splashing very cold water on the face can also get you back in the reality and calm down the panic attack. Your heart beating will slow down and in the same time reduce the adrenaline. This will distract you from thinking about the attack.

– If you have someone close to you just start a conversation or just call your friend or relative who is a positive person and talk to him or her. That conversation can relax you and distract your mind from the anxiety that causes panic attack. This talk will make you happy and fulfill with positive energy which will result in quitting the attacks.

– Listening to music is one of the great ways to distract yourself from thinking about the panic attack your getting. Play it loud and think about a particular happy moment from your past. Try to think and remember all the details and you will be able to find the peace inside yourself. This will avert the upcoming panic attack and relax all of your senses.

– Make a list of positive quotes and always take it with you, or just remember those statements and repeat to yourself when the attack starts happening. Say to yourself that it is alright to relax and it is normal to be afraid and that everything will go away in couple of minutes.

– Taking notes of the negative thoughts will help you distinguish the catastrophic scenario from the unpleasant one. Write down the things that cross your mind while the panic attack and after that read them to yourself. You will find out that neither of them is that tragic.

This will help you next time to tell yourself that the outcome isn’t real and to control your thoughts which will lead to calming down faster and easier.

– Don’t stop what you are doing in the moment of panic attack. If you are working in the kitchen or you are somewhere indoors concentrate on your body and lean your back on the wall. Stay aware about every part of the body involved in the activity, for instance, while driving notice the fist on the steering wheel or if walking pay attention to your feet.

– During the panic attack your brain activity is reducing so it is important to keep it active in order to minimize the effect from the attack. Keep it busy by reading menus, books, signs, adverts or count backwards.

– Persuade yourself that it will quickly go away because it’s temporary and you will be able to stop the panic attack.

– Finally, don’t run away from the places where you are experiencing the panic attack because your brain will register it as a threat and next time you enter such places the attack will start. So stay in that place until it goes away and the brain will register it as friendly situation.

Always be prepared for the upcoming panic attacks in order to control and stop them.