It is essential to distinguish the symptoms of panic attack and a heart attack, you may save someone’s life. Imagine that you are attending an event or holiday family gathering and while the toast one of the members suddenly starts sweating, breathes heavily and have sharp pain in the chest.

So, what is it? Not sure because these are the common symptoms of both conditions, and here is the list of their signs for recognition.


A constricting pain- typical for Heart attack

– This constricting pain starts from the central part of the chest and continues in the left arm and in the back.

– People who had heart attack say that the pain also moves in the neck and they feel numbness in the jaw and teeth.

– This can be followed by nausea and urge for throwing up, sweating but not difficulties in breathing.

A strange prickly feeling and fear of death overtake the person who is experiencing the heart attack that usually lasts for 5 minutes. Its intensity may vary.

– Panic attack may follow after the sense of fear and then you will start breathing faster.

– If you notice that someone has these symptoms and they last 5 minutes, immediately call the ambulance or take the person to the closest hospital.

Prickly feeling- typical for Panic attack

– Panic attacks can happen any time, not just when a situation is very stressful or tragic, it can happen when everything is normal.

– Then the person who has panic attack feels pain in the chest that is not constant but going up and down and it’s not concentrated just on the left arm but it appears in the fingers, legs and right part of the body.

– Numbness is also part of the symptoms accompanied with fear and feeling of suffocating.

In cases you cannot make any difference between heart and panic attack call your doctor immediately. Do not wait!