Every day scientists are looking for a plant that can kill cancer. They discover new herbs, vegetables or fruits that can destroy cancers cells. Recently Dandelion was researched by the University of Windsor, Canada.

Do you know the weed that that you hate in your gardens, which kills the grass?

Well that’s Dandelion. So next time think before ripping it out of the loan. Dandelion has powerful anti- cancer properties. It can kill the cancer cells in 2 days. Canadian scientists focused on the root of the dandelion and proved that dandelion tea can kill many cancer cells.

Dandelion is a diuretic plant that cleans the liver, reduces the cholesterol and helps with allergies. It is full wit vitamin C, B6, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and folic acid.

There are a lot of people who has experienced this cure. John di Carlo is a 72 year old who suffered from cancer and after 3 years of invasive chemotherapy he was sent home from the doctors to be close to the family in the last days of his life.

His doctor was trying in the meantime to find an alternative way of fighting the cancer so he proposed John to drink dandelion root tea. And after 4 months he had cancer remission.

You can use dandelion fresh or dried. If you want to dry the Dandelion first carefully peel the root and cut it into small pieces. Then spread the root on a paper and put it on a dark place with a good ventilation and fresh air. Leave it for two weeks.

Now the Dandelion is fragile and contains all the medical properties that you need. Keep it in a jar, in a dark place no more than a year.

Please if you find this helpful in the fight against cancer; spread it so lots of people can help themselves.