Stress, illnesses, dieting, pollution and many other factors are hastening aging. Are we aware of this? No, we do not even pay attention to it but when I say aging it doesn’t refer just to wrinkles on your face, it means the condition of your body to be able to cope with diseases and every day activities.

That is why it is so important to stay vital and healthy and capable to fight the enemies of your organism. There are some chronic diseases that contribute premature aging like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s but we have prepared the most risky conditions that you can change in order to slow down the aging process.

1. Overnight rest

There are many studies conducted about getting enough sleep through the night and they all agree that either oversleep or lack of sleep are harmful for human health. So the optimal time of sleep for an adult is 6 to 8 hours every night.

Getting enough sleep is exceptionally important for all immune system and its power to fight illnesses and inflammations. It affects the work of metabolism and brain functions. If you don’t get enough rest through the night it is equal to grogginess and bad mood which will later result in cardiovascular issues and many other diseases.

On the other hand oversleeping is also dangerous for your wellbeing. There is information in one of those studies about the importance of sleeping that those people who regularly oversleep have increased risk of mortality up to 25 percent in comparison with those who sleep right enough.

2. Going later to pension

People think that if they retire they will age faster so they follow the tendency to rather retire later than earlier. They follow the trend to go in pension at the age of 70 instead about 60. And this thought that you will feel younger if you stay active is pretty true but there are many ways staying fit and going to work every day.

If you postpone your retirement there is an increased risk of ruining your health up to 40 %. This is the same percent when it comes to increased chance for suffering from clinic depression and to have more health conditions diagnosed than earlier retirement.

Instead of going to work after 60 you can still be active and fit by having hobbies, learn new things, going to courses, travel and lead healthy lifestyle. Spend more time with your relatives and friends!

3. Inflammations

Many chronic inflammations usually appear in the shape of Allergies. They can be very serious if not treated properly or even hidden so you will be asking yourself what is wrong with your health. Test yourself and find out if you have any allergies responsible for your premature aging.

4. Over and under weight

It is very well known that being overweight causes many problems to the general health. Starting from diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure it causes sleep apnea, fatty liver, sleep disorder, strokes and kidney issues. Obesity impact the muscle and bone tissue in a negative way just as the underweight influences too. So it is extremely important to maintain a healthy body weight to have better life.

5. Loud sounds

Do you enjoy listening to loud music? That is fine, but always stay at reasonable distance from the speakers and avoid using headphones. These gadgets can lower your hearing level thus make you age earlier.

6. Junk foods

Many serious ailments are caused by regularly consuming of sugary and processed food packed with carbs. Unhealthy way of eating will damage your overall health plus you will gain a lot of excess weight. Consume fresh products, fruits and vegetables and start exercising at least 3 times a week in order to reverse aging process.

7. Social life

People are social creature and they suffer when they are lonely. This condition of loneliness causes a lot of stress and even depression leading to serious health issues. So talk to people, open yourself and your mind and you will find friends worth living for. Love your life and don’t let aging to bit you very early.