Start today and accept the new habits which will help you avoid the risk of these very serious illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Huntington diseases.

Prevent yourself from memory loss and some serious cognitive issues on time because when these diseases are in the progressive stage there is no coming back. You will be caught in depression, apathy and you won’t be able to remember certain names, numbers or events.


But there is a chance to avoid the risk of these diseases and to control and change the factors like: no physical activity, injuries of the head, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor diet, lack of vitamins, disturbed function of the thyroid gland, misused of medications, smoking, excessive use of alcohol and other.

Here are some recommendations for lowering the risk of Dementia.

– Smoking is one of the worst habits, so quit smoking today and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s to 45 percent. Don’t damage your brain and body with this awful habit.

– Regularly have physical activities on daily bases to improve the cardiovascular system. At least half an hour a day will help you boost the flow of the blood and prevent any concerns about your health.

– Supply your body with enough vitamin B complex and prevent it from cardiovascular problems, strokes and any heart diseases. Additionally, you will prevent the cognitive decline that comes with aging.

– Taking vitamin D as a supplement or just being exposed to the sun for a while in order to absorb this vitamin will improve the cognitive function and prevent from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

– Do some crosswords or learn new languages in order to challenge your brain and postpone dementia from 2 to 5 years. You won’t experience a severe memory loss if you keep your brain in good condition.

– If you are lover of dangerous sports like waterskiing or snowboarding or just love to ride your bike have in mind to wear a helmet every time you go out sporting. This way you will protect your brain and head from injuries.

– Alcohol is your enemy if you drink it in huge amounts plus increases the risk of dementia and many more health problems.

– Make a list of your important numbers for the weight, cholesterol and blood pressure and measure them regularly. This way you will be aware about the changes in your organism and can act immediately.

– Talk to your friends, exchange experiences, make conversations at work and interact with people. Being isolated will just contribute dementia and other health problems.

Learn new things every time you have a chance about that in order to boost the work of your brain.