Many people are affected of hormonal imbalance which if not treated may lead to some serious illnesses like cancer or diabetes. Hormonal imbalance can occur in women and men as well and you can easily recognize it by some common symptoms like changing in mood, insomnia, gaining weight, fatigue, depression and problems with fertility.

We are presenting you a completely natural approach in treating the imbalance of hormones by using essential oils.


Here is a list of the seven most healing essential oils:

1. Thyme essential oil

Progesterone is a hormone responsible for many functions in our bodies especially for maintaining the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. If its concentration is very low then patients may face with infertility, depression or PCOS.

So, stimulating this hormone is possible if you use Thyme essential oil which has positive effect on progesterone’s production.

2. Lemongrass essential oil

This oil is very beneficial in stimulating the ovaries to produce progesterone and estrogen and help women to regulate their menstrual cycles or PMS. It is also used for boosting the function of the liver and lowering the cholesterol level in the liver.

3. Lavender essential oil

This is also very helpful for women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance while menstrual period. Lavender essential oil reduces the pain from the abdominal cramps and soothes the feeling of discomfort.

What is more important it lowers the stress and over emotional reactions when you have PMS.

– In order to reduce the stress and PMS add couple of drops of clary sage and lavender essential oils in a tub with warm water and enjoy the aromatherapy.

4. Clary Sage essential oil

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is also called hormone of stress because it is responsible for many changes in our bodies as a response of that stress. It is directly linked to glucose levels, metabolism and immune system.

In order to reduce its level, we recommend inhaling of Clary Sage essential oil which is well known by its anti depressant properties. It will help you to improve the mood and maintain the normal levels of thyroid hormones.

5. Basil essential oil

Help your body to cope more effectively with the daily stress by using basil essential oil. It will help you with the sleep problems, exhaustion and forgetfulness.

6. Sandalwood essential oil

Testosterone is known as a sex hormone responsible for the libido among others. If you want to improve your libido and balance the testosterone level then you should try sandalwood essential oil which has mighty aphrodisiac characteristics.

7. Myrtle essential oil

This essential oil is good for many functions in our bodies like the function of the ovaries but it is the best for stimulating the activities of thyroid gland thus regulating the body temperature and metabolism.

You can mix these essential oils with a carrier like coconut oil and rub them on your skin for better absorption.