Strokes can be fatal if you just ignore the symptoms which can be very clear and can affect people from all ages and sex. So, always be alert if you have most of these signs. Immediately visit your doctor for further examinations.
Here are the most common symptoms of an upcoming stroke:

– One of the first symptoms is loss of a vision or blurry vision in the eyes. It can occur in both eyes in the same time or just in one eye and it is a clear situation that you have to seek a medical help.

– Most of the patients say that they had a feeling of weakness in their arms or legs, even they collapsed. At some people it looks like paralyzing of the limbs but generally is more like they are sluggish.

If you have a similar feeling make a self test by spreading apart your arms and hold your palms up for ten seconds. If you start feeling weakness in one of the arms and it falls then you have a health problem.

– Also, very common sign is an unaware pain in lower and upper limbs or just on left or right side of the face. It actually doesn’t have to be painful it can feel like a stab.

– Heart arrhythmia can be caused by the oxygen deficiency and in this case comes to labored breathing or the sufferer isn’t able to catch his breath.

– One of the most serious and emerge signs of strokes is paralyzing of just one side of the face.

– This can pass unnoticed but it is very important to mind the person who isn’t speaking clearly and understandable. He might be in delirium, so immediately call the emergency.

– Vertigo or sudden headaches are common symptoms at young women, don’t hesitate, and ask for medical help.

– Disorientation, confusion and fatigue are typical symptoms for a stroke and they are more common among women.

– People who are suffering from a migraine are more prone to strokes. So the best thing you can do to avoid the stroke is prevent it by leading a healthy life style as much as possible.

Quit smoking and excessive alcohol consuming, sleep well and minimize the stress and regularly eat your healthy meals. Do not forget that physical activity is necessary for normal function of your body!