Hypertension is medicinal name for high blood pressure which occurs as a result of complex situations such as smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, overstress, overweight, thyroid issues, genetics, age and many more. All these factors are directly linked to the cardiovascular condition in your body and sometimes worsen your health without any symptoms.

This is the reason why high blood pressure is called a silent killer. In order to keep up with your blood pressure, you should check it regularly and make sure it is in the normal values for systolic (this is the value while heart beats) 120 and diastolic (this is the value while heart rests) 80.


What are the consequences of high blood pressure if not treated properly? It leads to very serious health problems like stroke and heart attack.

This will happen due to the higher resistance of blood flow in the blood vessels, making the heart to work under a great effort, resulting in its failure. And this list is even longer; hypertension can cause dementia, blindness, aneurysms, sexual issues and kidney problems.

So, if we want to control the high blood pressure and avoid these unpleasant health conditions we have to change something in our way of life. First, look for an advice at you medical service, and then start the changes from the eating regimen, through the lifestyle to cutting down the risk of stroke up to 40%.

– Patients with hypertension are offered various medications including diuretics, beta blockers and others, very effective but with many side effects. Some of them can cause depression, insomnia, headache, cramps, fatigue and some respiratory issues.

These medications bring great profit to the pharmacy companies because patients, who are using them for high blood pressure, usually take those drugs for a long time.

Additionally, there are other ways to control your blood pressure and reduce hypertension instead of using drugs, but before you quit your medicinal therapy make sure to consult your doctor first about the situation and never take any abrupt steps in cutting down the medications.

However, you can put back in normal your blood pressure in a completely natural way by changing your lifestyle and improve the overall health.

Here are some very useful tips on how to start changing your life style.

Overweight people usually suffer from hypertension, so reducing the weight in a healthy way will be a good start for doing something important for you.

Half an hour moderate walk a day is a great physical exercise. Then you can change your eating habits and shift to fresh veggies and fruits, proteins and healthy fats. This kind of anti inflammatory food combined with Himalayan salt will contribute to flush out the excess fluids of our body. Do not use salty foods like crackers and chips and also minimize the sodium intake in order to release blood vessels from additional pressure.

Two most important things that you will have to do if you want to improve the health of your cardiovascular system are to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. These vices make an additional stress over the heart which is directly connected to the damage of the arteries and hypertension.

– Next factor for increasing the blood pressure is chronic stress. This type of stress represents a great problem for our heart because it causes rapid heartbeat which results in increased flow of the blood thus raising the pressure. Stress hormones like cortisol are always in their pick and indicate many cardiovascular issues including hypertension.

There is an effective way to deal with chronic stress. Try meditation, qigong, yoga or some other meditating techniques to relief the stress, improve the immunity and lower the blood pressure. This way your whole organism will benefit from it, especially the cardiovascular system.

– Next step and one of the hardest is to change your eating habits and transfer to DASH diet, specially made for reducing the blood pressure. It is consisted of fresh veggies and fruits rich in potassium like spinach, green leafy veggies, kale, bananas and whole grains. Forget processed and fried food, food rich in sugar, trans fats and protect your heart from further damages.

– Sometimes little help will mean a lot to your health, so we suggest some supplements that will help you in the process of lowering the hypertension: hibiscus, garlic, omega- 3 fatty acids, magnesium and COQ10. Why are these ingredients so important when it comes to situation of high blood pressure, you can read on and find out.

The extract from the garlic is a very well known compound for reducing the high blood pressure and it can be easily found in the shops for healthy food.

Magnesium is essential mineral for your overall health and it can also balance the blood pressure and regulate the heartbeats. The herb called Hibiscus is used from the practitioners of traditional medicine for treating different health issues including lowering the blood pressure.

The food that is rich in Omega- 3 is great for reducing the level of triglyceride, consequently lowering the blood pressure. You can find these fatty acids in great amounts in the salmon, walnuts, flax seed and chia seed. Recent studies have shown that the hypertension can be caused by the absence of COQ10.

– There is another very useful alternative solution to this problem called MCP, modified pectin from a citrus fruit.

This supplement had been tested in 2013 and it showed great results in lowering the inflammatory processes and putting galectin- 3 under control. This leads to reducing the vascular fibrosis and decreasing the blood pressure.

Galectin-3 is a protein that causes inflammation, especially issues connected with the heart condition. It initiates hardening of the blood vessels which leads to hypertension. And MCP is recognized and efficient natural blocker of galectin- 3 that can be used not only to treat heart diseases but to treat cancer and some other ailments.

It may look like very complicated and challenging thing to put your high blood pressure under control but it’s worth trying because by changing your lifestyle you are not just fighting with the hypertension but adopting healthier habits for better life. So, walking and eating healthier combined with the proper supplements will improve the quality of your life and lower the blood pressure.