The constant hydration of the body is essential for the general health because our bodies are made of 70 percents water. Water is essential for our wellbeing and existence in general. That is why it is extremely important to drink enough water throughout the day.

Other fluids like juices, tea or else don’t count because they are usually packed with sugar and other additives. Only fresh and clean water will improve the overall health.

As we are active through the day, we lose a lot of water through the physiological processes in our organisms like perspiration, urine, bowel movement and even through breathing. And because of this we have to replace that amount immediately by consuming more water.

This way we keep the hydration at satisfying level plus boosting the metabolism and encouraging the toxins to flush out from the organism.

This way all body functions will work properly and we will lose the excessive weight. Besides promoting weight loss, drinking fresh water helps in numerous health issues by improving them. Here is the list of some:

– Drinking fresh water improves the function of kidneys and elimination of toxins from the whole parts of body!
– It boosts the immune system and increases the energy level.
– Consuming a lot of water makes your skin cleaner, more elastic and healthier.
– It makes you feel better and improves the mood.
– Drinking water maintains the promptness.
– It relieves headaches and fatigue.
– By consuming more water you will prevent sprain and muscle cramps.

As we mentioned above, water is capable of burning calories as it increases the work of metabolism. It can also reduce the appetite by consuming a glass of water before meals. Here are some of the most important tips for loosing excess weight by boosting the metabolism with drinking water in a completely safe and natural way.

– When you get up in the morning, drink one glass of water on empty stomach.

– Put water in a bottle and drink it through the day sip by sip while you are at work or at home.

– If you drink ice cold water you will lose more calories. The body has to work harder to warm up the cold water thus spending more energy on this task.

– You can add few drops of lemon or lime in the water to improve its flavor and drink it more.

-At least 8 glasses per day is the recommended dose for adults.

– You can consume fresh lemon juice or unsweetened tea and

– Eat more fruits and vegetables high in water for best hydration of your body!