Researchers work every day on finding natural and efficient ways to strengthen the immune system and by the latest study conducted by Californian scientists one of the best methods to achieve this is by 3 days fasting.

It was previously believed that fasting is torture for the body and starving was always rejected by the nutritionists. But, with the latest discoveries it turns up that it is good because when body doesn’t get food for short term it starts to produce more white blood cells.

These cells are crucial for fighting infections. This might be in favor of elderly people and cancer patients whose immune system is damaged by the chemotherapy. As we get older our immunity becomes weaker and we have trouble fighting diseases.

But researchers believe that 3 days fasting will boost the immunity as for the cancer patients who will be able to significantly lower the detrimental effects of chemotherapy. Even though chemotherapy will probably save your life it can undermine the whole immune system which can be reversed by fasting.

As it was proved and explained in the study by the leading researcher Prof. Longo from the Californian University, short term fasting actually generates a whole new immune system. This way the body produces stem cells which encourage creation of white blood cells thus boosting the entire immunity.

Besides this, while fasting body cleans out damaged parts of the old immune system and by process of proliferation it makes space for the new one.

– All the participants during the experimental period of six months for this study had to fast for 72 hours under supervision of the team experts who found out that while fasting period the PKA enzyme responsible for tumor and cancer growth is significantly reduced.

But by prolonged fasting more than 3 days this process got reversed. The number of white blood cells starts to fall and when the body gets food again their amounts grows back.

This is happening because body starts to feed from the fat and glucose stores when not getting enough nutrients. This reducing of white blood cells triggers production of new stem cells which boosts the regeneration of the immunity cells.

What is more interesting is that when you don’t consume food your organism starts to save the energy by recycling damaged and unnecessary cells from the old immune system.

The study about 3 days fasting has successfully passed the experimental period but there are still more clinical trials to be done so if you want to try this always consult with a physician before fasting.