Parasites are microorganisms that live in other organisms which they use as a food provider. Parasites can do a lot of damage on their host if not treated on time. Parasites can exist in all parts of our bodies if they have enough nutrients to live from and they leave you infections or diseases for return.

There are parasites that feed with red blood cells and are the main reason for anemia. Others make you feel hungry all the time because they are consuming all your food which leads to more complicated health issues.


Here is a list of the most common symptoms caused by parasite infection in the body:

– It is visible at first sight on your skin: eczema, sores, rashes, hives and lesions. Even dry skin is a symptom of parasite existence.

– Parasites usually live in the intestines and cause abdominal problems resulting with diarrhea.

– Parasites that are attached to the leaning of the intestine cause IBS, an irritable bowel syndrome.

– Pain in the joints, navel and muscles, arthritic pain, muscle cramps and numbness of feet and hands.

– Anemia

– Water retention

– Prostate problems, urinary infections, fibroids and cysts.

– Menstrual, PMS and reproductive issues.

– Change of mood, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness and nervousness.

– Exhaustion, apathy and fatigue.

– Disturbed night sleep followed by insomnia, teeth grinding and bed wetting.

– Appetite issues and obesity.

You can easily check if you have presence of any kind of parasites in your body by testing the stool.

How to help yourself?

Always have in mind that parasites adore sugar and its products. So it is important to completely avoid sugar in your diet in order to eliminate the parasites from your body.

Instead of sugar you should eat food rich in fibers which will help to flush out the parasites, especially worms.

Consume the following ingredients in order to chase away the parasites from your organism: aloe, ginger, pineapple, papaya, seeds from pomegranate, gentian root, fresh cabbage and blackberries.