Those who have problems with allergies can tell how uncomfortable and painful they can be. The sufferers usually complain they have blocked sinuses and their breathing system is all clogged which adds extra nervousness to this unpleasant condition. Allergy medicines are usually temporary and heal the symptoms and not the problem.

We recommend trying some essential oil remedies which will clean your sinuses and reduce the inflammation in natural and efficient way and additionally will boost your immunity.

– Treatment with Peppermint essential oil has anti inflammatory influence over the issue and is perfect for bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis. It reduces the symptoms of sinusitis, coughs and colds and other chronic inflammatory ailments. Its effectiveness was declared in the Journal of medical research, Europe.

Remedy from peppermint essential oil: Five drops of peppermint essential oil will be enough to diffuse into the sinuses in order to unclog them. This way the mucus will be cleared out from the nasal cavity. You can orally take 2 drops to soothe the inflammation and allergy symptoms too.

Basil essential oil is especially good for people who suffer from asthma because it destroys the bacteria, mold and yeast that are the main cause for this ailment. It has powerful antimicrobial and anti inflammatory characteristics which successfully fights the inflammatory processes and kills viruses and pain.

Remedy from basil essential oil: Mix 3 drops from each, basil essential oil and coconut oil and rub it on your temples, chest or neck in order to boost the immunity. Use it regularly when eating a soup or in a dressings for salads for easily coping the inflammation. All you need is one drop of the basil essential oil in your favorite dish to feel better.

– The most powerful natural antihistamine is the Lavender essential oil. It contains mighty anti-inflammatory characteristics which soothe the allergic reaction. Additionally, lavender oil has a calming effect on your body thus relieving it from the allergy symptoms.

Remedy from Lavender essential oil: Add couple of drops of lavender essential oil on your palms and rub them. Then put them under your nose and inhale. Do this for few minutes and soon you will feel the relief in your head. This oil also prevents heavy allergy reactions.

Lemmon essential oil is good for removing the triggers of allergy reactions in the air by adding it into your home diffuser. It also kills and interrupts the growth of bacteria thus boosting the immunity. It makes it easier for the body to heal the respiratory ailments.

Remedy from Lemon essential oil: You can restore the pH balance of our body if you regularly add 2 drops of lemon oil in a glass of water every morning. You can also add it in a spray bottle mixed with water and use it for the carpets, sheets, couches and curtains to destroy the existing bacteria in the furniture.

– In the season of allergies it is the best to have Tea tree essential oil which has a power to kill allergy causing pathogens from the air. Add it in your home diffuser in order to destroy the fungi and mold and thanks to its antiseptic properties, tea tree oil will soothe the irritated skin.

Remedy from Tea tree essential oil: In order to reduce hives and rashes on the skin, apply tea tree oil on the affected area. You can use it directly or mixed with coconut oil.