Maybe this will seem strange to you but, yes, papaya leaves can be used to make a juice which will help your liver to reverse its functionality and stay healthy. Juicing the papaya leaves have many advantages when your health comes to matter. Read on to find out the papaya leaves incredible nutrients.

Phytonutrient compounds, based on studies, have great antioxidant properties which strongly support the immune system and have great impact on the blood stream.


And this positive biological effect is due to the phenolic and alkaloid compounds in the papaya leaf.

Papaya has got two biologically active compounds, the enzymes called chymopapain and papain. Their function is to help the process of protein digestion and to treat digestive disorders like bloating and indigestion.

Dehydrocarpaine, pseudocarpaine and carpaine are alkaloid compounds that showed chemo- preventive effects.

Caffeic and chlorogenic acid, kaempferol and quercetin are phenolic compounds of the papaya that demonstrate powerful antioxidant effect.

Papaya’s synthetic derivates from the isolated alkaloids have mighty analgesic and antispasmodic properties and are used as medicinal agents.

Papaya leaf is rich in minerals such as magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium.

What can papaya juice do for your health?

The list of the amazing things that this drink can do for you is very long and here we present you the best reasons why you should start drinking papaya leaf juice.

1. It supports the production of blood platelets. Some serious illnesses or diseases like dengue can cause extreme drop of blood platelets.

So, maintaining them on high level is very important and as it was found in a research conducted by the Journal of Tropical biomedicine of the Asian Pacific, the papaya leaf juice is responsible for the significant rise of blood platelets.

2. Papaya leaf juice prevents many diseases like dengue, malaria and even cancer due to its compound called acetogenin. Its job is to boost the immune system and kill the bacteria and viruses in the organism.

3. It cleans the liver and prevents it from liver cancer due to its powerful cleaning effects. Papaya leaf juice is used for healing liver cirrhosis, jaundice and some other liver chronic disease.

4. It raises your energy level. By drinking this juice in the morning you can start your day quickly and refreshed full with energy. It is very good at healing and cleaning so it can help you to improve the chronic fatigue.

5. Papaya leaf juice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the symptoms of allergies, inflammation and side effects of chemo therapy.

6. It protects you from stroke. Papaya leaf juice is mighty antioxidant that takes care for your cardiovascular health and protects you from strokes by improving the blood circulation and dilating blood vessels.

7. It helps the digestion. The enzymes from the papaya leaf juice properly break down the carbs and proteins which helps your digestion. It kills the Helicobacter Pylori and heals the peptic ulcers in the stomach.

8. It lowers the blood sugar level by improving the insulin sensitivity. And due to its antioxidants, it is very successful in decreasing the complications of diabetes like kidney damage and fatty liver.

9. PMS symptoms can be reduced and menstruation cycles regulated by drinking this papaya leaf juice.