Should I order a salad or a sandwich for lunch? The gray suit or black one is better for the charity event on Sunday? Which college is the best for my son? What type of car should we buy? Does it seem familiar to you?

Yes, we make hundreds of decision every day whether they are unnoticeable or big ones that we have to think deeply about.


This is what our reality is based on. Decisions. In order to improve it we need to make the right decisions. Are they right at that time? Or how do we know they won’t have any bad consequences. I don’t want to hesitate, do you?

Should we rely on our intuition when we need to make up our minds?

Read on to find out the easiest way of making right decisions based on your intuition:

– The first step is to talk to yourself. Pop up the question out loud and listen all the possible answers and they think if it is smart or not to do that. Give some time to yourself and if it is still not enough that move on to step 2.

– The second step is to make a list of all possible options, positive or negative, irrespective of your opinion. This will broaden your picture of the certain situation. It represents a kind of an option game.

– Third step is to call your intuition and listen what it has to tell you. Connect with the inner feelings and for sure you will have at least one option feeling right.

– Then, the next step is crucial to differ which option is the best for you. Follow your intuition and if you feel calmness in your stomach that is it, it sends you a massage that you are on the right path.

– Always have 2 more good alternative decisions. They will support the main one and clear all your doubts about the situation.

– Finally write down all good and bad sides of the pre final process of making up your mind. With all those pros and cons everything will be clear and you can stand proudly behind every of your decisions.

It is important to remember that you will control the situation if you make structural decisions for better reality.