Many people around the world suffer from this unpleasant health condition called Asthma. This is an illness when you feel weakness and often become short of breath. Frequent coughing is another symptom of this illness as a result of respiratory inflammation and thickening of bronchial tubes.

Asthma sufferers are being sensitive because of their difficulties to breath. Then their lungs are irritated, the muscles tighten and the production of phlegm in the throat is significantly increased so, they experience lack of breath.

Patients in this condition immediately reach for inhalers. Inhalers relieve the symptoms in a simple and fast way. They are practical and fit in every pocket or bag. Patients use them in case of sudden asthma attack.

However, inhalers contain chemicals, some steroids and they are completely unnatural. In general, they are not good for you and your health. So, it is right time to replace your inhaler with something more healthy and efficient.

Some asthma patients even cure their condition with the reduced use of inhalers and changing their lifestyle. First, you have to make some changes in the way you eat and prepare the meals.

Healthy food is a step forward in boosting your energy and reducing inflammation. Eating healthy isn’t harmful, taking chemicals is. In order to help yourself, first you should know which types of food are approved and which aren’t.

– Vitamin C and beta carotene can be found in carrot in great amounts. Take carrot juice every day to maintain the level of these essential compounds.

– Celery is a herb that is rich in chlorophyll from its green parts and helps to detoxify the liver. Add couple of stalks every day to your food.

This list will make it easy for you in planning your daily intake of the right amount of recommended dose of the food that you should consume in order to cure asthma.

These are the recommended portions:

– 100 ml. of lemon juice, a quarter cucumber, half capsicum, one pineapple and two and a half watercress bunches.

– Juice from one lemon and a small glass of wheatgrass juice.

– Juice from one lemon, 6 stalks of celery, 2 green apples and a bunch of parsley and spinach each.

– Three bulbs of ripe lemongrass, one cucumber and juice from half a lemon.

– A quarter of pineapple, eight kale stalks, half lemon, one fennel and 3 pieces of radish.

– 400 ml. of strawberry juice, 200ml. of cranberry juice and one pomegranate.

Also there are some types of foods you should avoid in order to reduce asthma symptoms and attacks.

Here is the list:

– Any food of animal origin, meat, eggs and milk

– Corn oil and other vegetables oil that can cause respiratory tract inflammation

– Alcohol and fizzy drinks

– Citruses

– All kinds of foods that contain monosodium glutamate and sodium