The oil from the black cumin seed is an ancient remedy for many diseases. There are some recent studies about its effectiveness but only on animals. However it is proved that this oil kills cancer cells in breast cancer, liver, stomach, cervical cancer, pancreatic, prostate cancer, melanoma and lymphoma.

There are only several successful studies on human so far but the modern medicine doesn’t want to reveal it. There is also no additional clinical trials on human because pharmacy has no interests from the use of this oil.

But those who have tried it said that what this oil can do, there is no replacement in the modern medicine. Black cumin seed oil has an extract called thymoquinone which has powerful anti cancer properties.

The oil from the black cumin seed as a remedy is used for more than thousand years for cancer treatment as it was said in 2 studies conducted in 2011 in Saudi Arabia and China. Also the extract from this oil is used to cure asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney issues and many more.

Even this oil exists for millennia, the modern medicine recognizes it in the past 20-30 years. So far no one can tell how it works in the organism. Scientists cannot understand the mechanism of the anti cancer properties.

Some would agree that it is because of the thymoquinones and its antioxidant effects and boosting the immune system and others would say that it is because it controls the Apk pathways and the survival of the cells in the body. However, there are not enough scientific proves about this explanations.

Interaction of honey and black cumin seed oil

Scientists from Egypt conducted a study on rats that were exposed to a very strong carcinogen to study the effects of the oil and honey on the cancer. The rats were divided in groups.The first one was treated with honey, the second one with black cumin seed oil and the third one with the combination of these two ingredients.

Those rats who were fed with cumin seed had 80 percent success against cancer formation and those who were fed with honey and cumin seed were 100 percent successful of protection against oxidative stress and forming of the cancer.

Oil from the black cumin seed soothes the side effects of radiation

Another study was conducted by Turkish scientist in 2014 on rats that were sick from cancer and had a radiation therapy for recovering. There were 2 groups of rats, one that was treated with 1 gr. of black cumin oil one hour before radiation and 10 gr. for the following 10 days. Number two group was treated with saline solution.

The results were satisfying because as expected, those rats that were exposed to black cumin seeds treatment had reduced markers for oxidative stress and increased capacity of the liver. The ten days treatment, before and after radiation has protected the rats from its harmful effect.

This says that the black cumin seed oil can help people under radiation therapy to recover faster but there is no clinical confirmation about this.

A similar study was conducted from Indian scientists in 2012 and came up with very similar results from the mice that were exposed to gamma radiation. They were given 100 mg. of black cumin seed extract per 1 kg body weight. It confirmed the antioxidant properties of the oil because the mice’s internal organs were protected.

The oil from the black cumin seed against liver cancer cells

One more study from Indian scientists in 2013 came up with the amazing results of the black cumin seeds oil ability to stop the cancer cells proliferation. It was also conducted on rats with liver cancer for 16 weeks and the results were: tumor markers were decreased and they didn’t develop new cancer.

The oil from a black cumin seed successfully fights against lung cancer cells

This was stated in a study from Saudi Arabia in 2014. Scientists wanted to prove the effectiveness of the black cumin seed oil that was traditionally used as a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti inflammatory remedy in their culture centuries ago.

They exposed human lung cancer cells in a laboratory to 1 mg per ml of the extract and 0.01 mg per ml of the oil and it resulted in reducing the living lung cancer cells and the greater the concentration was the death cell rate was raising.

Brain cancer cells can be killed by the black cumin seed

A study conducted in 2013 from the State University in Ohio about the most aggressive brain tumor called glioblastoma was focused on the extract thymoquinone and its mighty anti cancer properties.

It came up that the extract attacked the cancer cells and didn’t harm the healthy ones.It also cut off the autophagy whose job is to continue the growth of cancer cells.

So, all these shows that the black cumin seed oil and its extract can be powerful and natural remedy against cancer.