Most of the people aren’t satisfied with the look of their bellies and are in constant search of some remedies that will make the accumulated fat disappear. Our body cleans itself through the kidneys, liver, lungs and colon.

They burn the excess fat, but sometimes their normal function is disturbed by some elements.

This drink increases the function of these organs, busts your immune system, makes the excess fat disappear by cleaning your body from toxins and improves the metabolism.

Consume it before going to bed!

Ingredients: 1 medium size cucumber, half lemon, 1 ginger root, a bunch of parsley and 100ml. water.

Preparation: chop the parsley and the cucumber and put them in the blender. Blend the both ingredients to become homogeneous. Pill the ginger and grate it. Then put it in this mixture and add the squeezed lemon juice from half lemon. Add this to a glass with 100 ml. water.

If you want to sweeten this drink add half tablespoon of honey.

Consume this drink every night before going to bed freshly made and make sure to be physically active and eat healthy while using this drink.

You will be surprised by the results!