One of the main reasons for death in many countries in the world, including America is the Hearth attack. So, if you don’t want to become a victim of this you should know to recognize the symptoms.

Heart attacks are usually appearing as a result of unhealthy life style and stress. So first if you want to protect yourself then start with a healthy lifestyle today and reduce your stress level to minimum.

However, here is a list of typical heart attack symptoms that can occur one month before the attack. Knowing this can save lives either yours or to your friend or family member.

– Weakened muscles or body weakness are the first signs of upcoming heart attack. This happens due to the arteries narrowing which is directly linked to low blood circulation.

– The next symptom is also directly connected with the low blood circulation and poor flow of it in the brain. Then the body gives you crystal clear signs that something isn’t working well. You start sweating, feel dizzy and your brain cannot function well. It is very likely to soon have a heart attack.

– Pain in the chest is one of the most common sign of heart attack. You can feel it as a pressure in the chest or in back, shoulders or arms. As the pain increases it is more possible to have an attack.

– Flu or cold symptoms are also experienced by the patients who had heart attack. So always pay attention to recognize the real source of the problem.

– Due to the low blood circulation to the heart, besides other, fatigue occurs too as a constant tiredness. In such a case consult your doctor immediately.

– A result of narrowed arteries and low blood circulation is of course shortness of breath. Heart and lungs work together and if their work is interrupted, especially the work of the heart, then the lungs signals the upcoming attack.

Have these signs always on mind and try to have healthy lifestyles without stress.