The newest and most efficient method for perfect skin practiced in many spa and beauty salons is Skin Icing! It is favorite treatment to many people around the world because of its benefits:

– It prevents wrinkles and smoothes the existing ones,
– Makes your skin fresh again,
– Your skin will glow again because of the increased blood flow,
– Fights blemishes, redness, irritation and acne.

Here are some more benefits from Skin Icing treatments:

– If you do this before putting on makeup, your pores will minimize so the foundation will have an impression like smoother.

– The large pores made from the oily skin will shrink and tighten and your skin will look healthy and fresh.

– Skin Icing is excellent for puffy eyes because it reduces the swelling.

Skin icing treatment:

It is good to know that if you notice new acne on your face put the ice for couple of seconds on it to soothe the inflammation.

Here are the instructions for whole treatment:

-Remember to clean your face before the treatment. 2 ice cubes will be enough to wrap them in a cotton cloth. Then apply the cloth on the face holding it for a minute on each spot.

Start from the chin and with circular movements continue towards the cheeks and forehead. After the treatment apply your daily moisturizer.

You should pay attention not to use the ice on bare skin or right away from the fridge because it may hurt the under skin capillaries. Do not use it if your capillaries are already damaged.

One treatment should not be longer that 10 minutes and for extra results you can add cucumber, lemon or herb tea in the ice.