Most of the people go to bed with the tablets, smartphones or lap tops in their hands, watching a movie, finishing a job or just surfing the net. But do you know about the blue light that all this gadgets release?

Yes, it can allow you to read on the screen when it is dark or if it’s sunny outside. But it isn’t adjustable to the day light. It is always on, and we can clearly see it at night.

This light represents an imitation of the sunlight so your brain thinks that it is day instead of night. Then it is confused and stops releasing melatonin which leads to insomnia. By the experts you should stop using any electronic gadget couple of hours before going to bed or you will have hard times to sleep.

Melanopsin is a photoreceptor that is responsible for insomnia as a result of the blue light from smart phones. This interaction between the melanopsin and blue light happens in the retina ganglion cells.

So, couple of hours before sleep, the melatonin is released from the pineal gland in the brain and those users who are exposed to the smart phones’ blue light have troubles to sleep.

This situation is worse at teenagers due to the shift of circadian rhythm which makes them more awake. Also it is a fact that they are more sensitive in comparison to adults so one video game or a movie before bed will postpone the sleep for more than hour.

Besides this, what is more dangerous is the electromagnetic radiation from the Wi-Fi connected gadgets. It is believed that on long term, this radiation can cause cancer and do harm to your health especially among children, because they are more sensitive to radiation than parents.

Nowadays, unluckily children have constant access to the electronic devices. In China, for instance there are institutions which work with electronics addicts, especially children who need gadget rehab in order to protect their health.

So, what should we do to help ourselves and children? It is best to stop using electronic devices before sleep or if you can’t download some of the applications that alert the display to adjust the blue light by the periods of the day in order to reduce the impact. Try it, you won’t lose anything, just gain more time to sleep.