Why is ginger good for the health? Because ginger, especially its root contains bioactive compounds and is packed with nutrients that are extremely beneficial for mental and physical health.

It was used thousand years ago in Chinese medicine and in cooking. It is an effective replacement for prescribed medications because ginger treats illnesses from poor digestion to heart diseases and inflammation.

Even if it is incredibly useful for some group of people its consumption is forbidden.

Underweight people should stop consuming ginger because it helps in the process of losing weight. It is recommended for people who suffer from obesity, diabetes and hypoglycemia.Ginger stimulates digestive enzymes and increases the pH level in the stomach due to its fiber concentration.

This is how comes to the point of weight loss. So if it is recommended by the doctor to gain some weight than avoid ginger because it will reduce your appetite and remove fat which can result in poor muscle mass, irregular menstruation, hair loss and etc.

Pregnant women are recommended to take ginger against morning sickness in the first couple of weeks of their pregnancy but no later. Ginger is full with mighty stimulants which are great for the health of the muscles and digestion, but not for pregnant women. This can cause premature contractions and preterm labor.

People with Hemophilia mustn’t consume ginger because it stimulates the blood circulation and it is good for those who have peripheral artery disease, obesity, diabetes but not for people with Hemophilia. It is a genetic disorder in patients whose blood isn’t able to clot and they can seriously bleed even from minor injury.

Certain medication patients shouldn’t consume ginger too especially if they take medicines like beta-blockers, insulin and anticoagulants. Ginger can change the way the drugs interact with your body, it can lower the blood pressure and you can get unfavorable results.

But if you are ginger lover don’t be devastated, there is a replacement for it. Red paprika, sweet peppers and cayenne pepper can be added to your food in order to satisfy your need for spicy.

In conclusion, ginger is very healthy plant for many people and of course should be consumed in reasonable amounts.Add it to your tea or soup or in salads and boost your immunity.

But if you take special medical therapy, then always consult your doctor first about alternative forms of herbal supplements.