Fluoride is a substance that damages the brain and even if know this we can’t avoid it, it’s everywhere around us, in everything we use like toothpastes, antibiotics, water, no sticky dishware, simply impossible to exclude it from our lives.

But there is light point in all of this as scientists claim, this extraordinary spice can prevent or brain from fluoride damaging it.

This was all confirmed in a study about Curcumin’s power to weaken toxicity of fluoride, published in Magazine for Pharmacognosy.

This defamed substance was first used as a compound of the drinking water in Nazi and Russian concentration camps in order to destroy the brains of prisoners. It was recognized by the researchers as toxic inorganic ion that represents a worldwide problem.

Fluoride can cause cancer, neurological issues, problems with the reproductive system and cardiovascular diseases. Besides this it is capable to lower the IQ and increase the calcification in the endocrine gland.

So, people who live in the over fluoridated places around United States are organizing themselves to remove this toxic substance from the communal drinking water.

One very exceptional and extremely powerful antioxidant is the turmeric. It is primary polyphenol and its compounds make it worth for testing as a substance for protection of neurological system.

Scientists conducted an experiment on curcumin’s effect over the toxic influence of fluoride on the brain. The experiment was taken on 4 groups of rats in a period of one month:

– The first controlled group wasn’t exposed to fluoride at all.
– The second group had fluoride in the drinking water (120ppm).
– Third group had the same fluoride water plus oral dose of diluted curcumin in olive oil.
– The fourth group was getting only curcumin.

This experiment results were shown based on the measurements of the oxidative stress in the brain of the rats. This was achieved by the assessment of MDA (malondialdehyde ) in the brain.

MDA content was high only at group two in comparison with group one. And the third group had reduced MDA in conmparison with the group treated only with fluoride.

The outcome from the study is loud and clear that Fluoride damages our brain functions which can be reversed and protect by consuming curcumin on daily basis.

Here is a recipe for a star drink made of turmeric in order to protect your body from the negative effects of Fluoride and additionally reduce the joint pain, arthritis and various ailments.


For the turmeric paste you only need 1 cup of water (it is better not to use tab water) and 3 table spoons of turmeric powder.

– Heat the water in a sauce pan and add the turmeric. Stir well with a wooden spoon until you get nice smooth thick texture as a paste with golden color. When ready store the turmeric paste in a glass container and keep it in a fridge.

This should be enough amounts for ten days. You can take one teaspoon directly into your mouth every day, but if you are bothered by its strong and bitter taste then mix it in a warm but not boiling milk (cow, goat, almond or soy milk) and sweeten it with maple syrup, raw honey or stevia. You can consume it in the morning or at night for a good night sleep