Lemons are star fruits for many purposes in every home from cooking, dressings, home remedies to cleaning mixtures. They are great because lemons are packed with minerals and essential vitamins which play a huge role in maintaining a good health.

So, how to get the most of the lemon without wasting it? As much juice as you get as better it is. The easiest way to extract the juice from a lemon is to use a juicer with strainer but it ends up with lot of waste and more dishes in the sink.

Sometimes if you are on holiday, picnic or just simply don’t have juicer at home you can use a fork to extract the most of the lemon juice. Every method that breaks the flesh membranes in order to let the juice strain is a good method for getting maximum juice from the lemon.

So, cut the lemon in half and move the fork up and down and around and squeeze at the same time until the last drop is extracted.

Here are some clever and interesting hacks about squeezing all juice from a lemon:

1. Put the lemon in a microwave oven

This is very effective method of getting all the juice from a lemon. Heat it in a microwave for about 30 seconds. If it is bigger prolong the time on 40 seconds. This way the pulp in the lemon will loosen and you will be able to squeeze it easier.

When the lemon will cool a little bit, cut it in half with a knife and simply squeeze it over a dish or a cup.

2. Strain the lemon with a spoon

This time slice the lemon lengthwise in two pieces and push a spoon in the flash. Start rotating the spoon until you loosen the membranes and then you can easily squeeze and extract all the juice from the lemon.

3. Roll the lemon

Take of the lemon from the fridge and let it stay n room temperature for a minute. Then place it on a table or working board, press it hard and start to roll it back and forth. Make sure that your hands and the lemon are clean in order to stop transferring of the germs on the juice. Then cut the lemon in half and squeeze it. The juice will simply flow out of the pulp.

4. Electric squeezer

When you have to make a choice which squeezer to buy, electric or mechanical, choose the first one because its more powerful and will get the most from the lemon.

Take few lemons and cut them in halves. Then place them one half at the time on the electrical squeezer and press until the whole juice is strained. Collect it and enjoy your lemonade.

Even if you are out of electrical power you can still use it as a traditional, mechanical squeezer. You will need some more effort but it is worth for a nice cup of tea with lemon. Just simply rotate the halves of lemons around the squeezer and collect all the juice.

5. Peel the lemon

Sometimes lemons have got very thick rind that worsens the situation with squeezing. Then it is better to peel the lemon first, before squeezing it. This way you will extract the juice even from the delicate part of the pulp under the skin of the lemon. Use a knife to peel it and cut it in half to ease your work.