People constantly wander which foods are the best to consume in order to stay healthy and to increase the cancer treatments’ effectiveness and even prevent its spreading.

The newest research showed that those foods are not just amazing if consumed regularly, they are very tasty too and you can find them in the nearest store and don’t cost much. Always have in your kitchen: red wine, curry, turmeric, tomatoes, blueberries, dark chocolate and green tea.


How they work, what’s so great about them? Besides their good taste, they prevent the further development of cancer cells.

They do this by cutting off the cancer cells from blood supplies thus reducing their growth. This way the cancer cells are deprived of nutrients and oxygen and cannot develop.

This is directly connected to angiogenesis, a physiological process of formation of blood vessels. This process starts during the fetal development and continues every time we cut or burn in our life.

Then the new blood vessels are formed and have a connection with the cancer.

In this process the main characters are inhibitors and activators which cause new blood cells to form.

But most of the drugs for cancer are acting like inhibitors and neutralize the activators activity and stop the angiogenesis. So the foods that we have mentioned before have the same anti- angiogenesis effect.

So read on to find out each of the food’s characteristics:

1. Black chocolate increases the cancer treatment effectiveness and maintains your cardiovascular system in a good health. It is best to consume dark chocolate with 70 % cocoa.

2. Green tea as well as coffee reduce the cancer growth and also boost your energy.

3. Red wine is a great drink for preventing heart diseases and early aging due to the compound called resveratrol, found in grape skin.

Pinot Noir and Bordeaux are the richest with this substance that improves the glucose tolerance and helps in the fight with viruses and bacteria. It also increases the mental alertness and boosts the energy.

4. Turmeric is a great prevention of developing cancer in your body. Besides this it is great spice that helps in the process of weight loss.

5. Blueberries and raspberries have powerful anti cancer properties because they are packed with phytochemicals. Their characteristics are lowering the angiogenesis and oxidative stress. They are especially recommended for ovarian cancer.

6. Organic tomatoes can reduce the chance of prostate cancer to half. They contain very powerful anti cancer agent called lycopene which activates when exposed to high temperature.

So it is better to consume tomatoes cooked in order to be easily metabolized and more efficient in preventing cancer.