What we eat reflects on our health and physical appearance of course. Losing weight and be healthy is not a kind of a mystery or any complicated philosophy, you just need to consume whole foods with healthy products and be physically active in order to feel and look well.

But there are still millions of people around the world who would rather reach for weight loss pills instead changing their lifestyle. Because the first one is much faster than changing our eating habits and lose weight in a healthy way.


This is the reason why companies are producing those quick fixing diets, because their costumers think on short terms and are not aware about the consequences.

It actually really matters what we eat and how our bodies react to the different kind of foods. After a good work out in a gym, let’s say that you have lost 1000 calories and you still need to have dinner.

Stopping at the drive in fast food restaurant on your way home looks like a dinner solution, fast and satisfying but this processed food will undo all the effort you have put in the gym.

This is awful, and all that because of a burger, fries and a coke. It is not worth it.Instead you can replace this meal with whole foods, more nutritious and healthier option.

Nowadays frantic way of life makes us to start the day early and always in hurry, to make sure that you have prepared the kids for school, tidy the home, stuck in a traffic and worry if you are going to be late for work than after a stressful day you go back in the traffic jam again, rushing to school to pick up the children and finally you are home exhausted and hungry but forgot to stop at the grocery store?

So, you reach for processed food, not minding that you will satisfy only your hunger but not supply your body with the necessary nutrition which will give you the essential nutrients and energy for the rest of your day thus keeping you healthy.

This is the greatest mistake that millions of people usually do. Why? Because simply, processed food is rich in sugar, salt and trans fats which contribute in gaining weight and weakening the immune system.

Appreciate yourself and your body, show an attitude as a role model for your kids and get rid of those pills for weight loss and replace all the fast food from your house with unprocessed whole foods which will supply you with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

First you will lose that fatigue and sluggish feeling that the processed food encourages in you and you will gain energy and better mood. Then, consequently you will lose few kilos and notice some health improvements.

If you are busy and don’t have enough time to cook every day you can prepare the menu for the rest of the week on Sunday, do the shopping and prepare the meals for the next couple of days.

Instead of ordering a pizza you can make one at home with fresh ingredients as quick as waiting for the delivery service. This way you will be able to stay on a good path.