Aluminum foil is one of the frequently used kitchen staples for wrapping and cooking. But there are some facts that we can’t read on the box and the recent studies showed some important facts that we should be aware to when using aluminum foil.

Aluminum is heavy metal which is considered to be neuro- toxic and has serious negative effects on the brain functions, and it is connected with the Alzheimer disease too.

Doctors say that over exposure to aluminum leads to some heavy ailments like loss of memory, balance, coordination and loss of full body control.

In one of the recent studies it is stated that cooking with aluminum foil can make damages to the bones by reducing calcium levels and taking their place in the bone tissue.

The negative side effects of cooking and grilling with aluminum foil are associated with the pulmonary fibrosis and some other respiratory diseases. This comes as a consequence of inhaling aluminum particles.

How does this happen?

Well it’s a fact that when you heat aluminum on high temperature, the part of the metal is being emitted in the food and might leech inside.

As the experts say, the leaching is more possible when the temperature is higher.

Avoid cooking with aluminum foil especially citruses, tomatoes or spices.

It is estimated that by single cooking with aluminum foil, a meal contains approximately 400mg of aluminum and the recommended daily allowance by the world health organization is just 60mg per day.