Are you looking for a super food, rich in nutrients and extremely beneficial for your health? Then try consuming dates because they are perfect for various health issues. Dates prevent strokes, hypertension, bad cholesterol, heart attack and many more.

Dates aid the metabolism due to their powerful nutrients so it is the right time to include them in your every day dietary regimen.


Here are the most effective benefits of the dates:

1. Dates are rich in potassium. This mineral is useful for diarrhea prevention because it stimulates the good bacteria from the intestines and belly flora.

Dates increase the digestion thus preventing constipation. It acts like a mild laxative so if you want to sooth the constipation leave some dates in glass of water over night and drink the liquid in the morning to feel better.

2. Dates are full with iron which makes them great food for kids, pregnant women and everybody else who has got anemia. In 100 grams of dates there are 11 percents of iron recommended daily dose. Iron is essential for the oxygen flow in the blood, so dates are perfect fruit to support this process.

3. Dates help in the process of losing weight and help removing the excess fat around your belly. But they are also rich in sugar so have this information on mind when consuming them. Take couple of dates on an empty stomach in order to control your body weight.

4. Dates can clean the blood vessels from the bad cholesterol thus preventing it from clogging. They lower the LDL cholesterol.

5. Dates don’t contain any sodium and are rich in magnesium and potassium which contribute in maintaining the blood pressure in normal borders. Patients with hypertension should eat dates on daily basis in order to improve the blood flow in the vessels.

6. Soak the dates in water before going to bed and the first thing in the morning, blend the dates with the seeds and eat them in order to have stronger heart!

7. Due to the abundant amount of potassium in the dates, they become great supporters of the nervous system and significantly lower the risk of strokes. Take about 100 grams of dates a day and you will have no worries for your health.