One of the most common death rates in the USA and the leading cause of disability is the stroke.

It occurs when there is not enough blood to feed the brain. When the arteries that lead to the brain are blocked than that is an Ischemic stroke. If the blood flow is reduced, than that is Hemorrhagic stroke.


The brain is very complex organ and it controls all other functions in the body. So, when the blood vessel that feed the brain is blocked by a cloth then the brain doesn’t get oxygen and results in cell death.

Consequently those parts of the body that are affected will stop function properly because they cannot be controlled by the brain.

It is essential and life saving if you are able to recognize the symptoms of a stroke on time. This will lower the damage of the brain and risk of disability.

Symptoms of a stroke can vary from patient to patient, but however some of them and the most common:

– you will feel numbness on your left part of the body, especially left arm or leg;
– you will have some trouble with speaking or understanding other people;
– you will feel some dizziness;
– trouble seeing with your eyes;
– intense hiccups;
– you will often lose consciousness;
– have some breathing problems;
– pain and hallucinations;
– And finally some personality changes.