Starting from the slightest cold through fall of the immune system to very serious health issues, all these can be a result of overstress. 

Stress is responsible for many medical illnesses and it is very hard to notice it until is too late. Its symptoms are usually common symptoms with other medical conditions and it is difficult even for a medical worker to distinguish the stress as a main factor for the particular issue.


So it is always the best option to be aware of its harmful impact on your health, so take a deep breath and ask your self does it worth? Try to calm and decrease the level of stress in order to protect your health.

Here are some most common stress symptoms that everyone should know to recognize and slow down a little bit:

– One of the first most visible overstress symptoms is a Hair loss. If you notice that you are losing your hair rapidly 2 to 4 months in a row than it is very likely that you are under a huge stress. This process is happening due to changes in the physiologic functions in the body as a result of the stress.

It is usual for every person to lose about 100 hairs a day and not to be aware of that. But when you are under stress your hair gets in a resting phase, so it falls down together with the regular hairs and cause unpleasant feeling.

– If ignored, stress can cause worse problems so if you feel anxious lately or restless or sitting still is uncomfortable then you are overstress for sure. Take immediate measures and ask for help to solve the problem which can get bigger if neglected.

– If you notice any changes in your body weight you check the stress and try to lower it as much as you can. Stress reduces the metabolism thus causing some gaining of weight and in the same time it leads to appetite loss which results in weight loss too. This weight variation will show you that you are overstress.

– Weakened libido and impotence are very serious stress consequences which can ruin your sex and love life. Overstress is responsible for reducing the amount of sexual activity hormones. So try to relax or talk to your partner about the problems.

– Stress can cause exhauster that leads to oversleep or you can’t get to sleep because of too much stress. However, your body is struggling to cope with the stress so in order to help it, try to deal with the causing problems of this issue. You can try yoga, meditation and healthy food to get your sleeping routine back.

– Mental health problems like anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder are also common symptoms of stress. Stress can cause addictions and mood changing too and all these due to the change in hormones’ levels in your body. Ask for professional help in these cases to protect yourself and people around you.

– Stress is a source of headaches and serious body pain like tense muscles or pain in the chest. It may cause diarrhea, palpitation, ulcers and arthritis. The pain is usually a sign for a health problem so immediately lower the stress level to start feeling better.

– Impatience is most common stress sign followed by irritation and intolerance. When you are under stress you can easily get angry to someone and put yourself in a very complicated situation due to the lack of patience. Try to cope with it and escape such unwanted problems.

– Stress is mostly result of spending too much time at work or worrying about finances and obligations. This leads to serious psychological problems. Reduce the stress by spending more time with your friends and family in the surrounding that relax you.