Besides the great taste this fruit has many health benefits for us because it is packed with minerals and vitamins. Avocado is abundant in vitamins B3 and B6, vitamin C and K, then zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and potassium.

These are only a small part of its nutrients, so we should eat avocado every time we can, for a snack or breakfast, dinner or lunch, in a salad or cooked with some other food, however you will have great improvement on your health condition.


This is why we should consume it every day!

Avocado will help you reduce weight. It contains monounsaturated fat, most of them oleic acid, which belong to the group of healthy ones, like the fats in the olive oil.

They help us to maintain our cardiovascular system in good health and lose some weight. So, instead crisps or fast food for a snack take some avocado salad and you will be sure that you won’t gain any pound.

Avocados are rich with healthy compounds like fibers soluble in water, amino acids, Phytosterols (helps in joint inflammation), o- carotene, Carotenoids, yellow alpha carotene, protein and many other nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Avocado is a tasty ingredient and you can make many combinations for delicious meals. It goes with anything and because of its content of healthy fats you will feel full. This is great if you have problem with losing weight.

Avocado has a very positive influence to your overall health and contributes for the wellbeing of the organism. It supplies us with enough energy for the day and does many healthy regulations in our body for a long term period.

Here is a list of healthy benefits when consuming avocado fruits:

Improve the immune system, regulate the sugar in the blood, promote healthy heart, bones and eyes, aid the digestion, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast and prostate cancer, lower the muscles and joints inflammation, slows down the process of aging and prevent the bad breath.