Herbs, mainly give great taste to the food and they represent a culinary sensation to every meal. And not just that, they have medical properties and are often used for relaxation.

So why not having them always in our home. If you don’t have a garden and you still want to grow herbs in the comfort of your kitchen we have a solution.

You don’t need a soil to grow them or water them regularly and they still will be rich in flavor like those from the garden.

But there are some herbs like mustard, dill and cilantro seeds that can’t be directly grown in water because their roots must be in the soil first and then they can be transferred in water.

This are the rules for growing herbs in water at home:

First, it is essential to know that you mustn’t use tab water, because it contains bleaching chemical for chlorinating that will damage the plant. Instead, you can use spring water or some rain water.

If you don’t have none of these just leave some tab water overnight to deposit. Then pour the water in glass jar or bottle.

It is better to be colored or if it isn’t wrap it around with a piece of paper. Herbs’ roots don’t have to be exposed to light. Darker surrounding is better for them in order to keep the herbs off the algal growth on the roots and on the bottle.

The glass containers should be narrow mouthed so the cutting will be easier and the herb will have a normal air circulation so the root can breathe normally.

Pick some soft cutting roots and cut 15 cm or 6 inches piece from the growing herb. Then clip off the lower leaves so they won’t spoil the water. Now they are ready to add them in the water.

It is recommended to change the water once a week until the root starts to grow. Once it reaches a month, stop changing the water.

In order to stimulate the rooting you may use hormone powder or willow branches.

Here is the list of the herbs that you can easily grow this way in your kitchen:

1. Peppermint is the easiest herb that you can grow in water, so start with this one because it is high in volatile substance called menthol. Menthol has a cooling effect on your skin or tongue. You just need to put some fresh cuttings in the water and that’s it.

2. Rosemary should be kept in a sunny corner and it is the best to cut off a new shoot in spring.

3. Basil also needs a sunny spot, so just cut out some basil before it gets flowering and put it in a glass jar filled with water.

4. Tarragon, especially the French one is good for cooking and Russian for salads. However it is always good to have it at home so cut it after the new growth appear and keep it in a light spot either.

5. Sage should be kept in an airy and light places and it is best to be put in water in spring.

6. Peppermint can be easily grown in water too.

7. Oregano grown in water is the blessing. As it grows just pinch it and use it fresh on your pizza!

8. Lemon balm leaves are great for tea. Put the cuttings in the water in spring and keep it in a bright and airy place with regularly changing the water.

9. Thyme should be put in water in early summer before it starts to have flowers.

10. Stevia or sweet leaf is a great for tea and beverages.

It needs bright and warm places and a lot of water to actively grow from fresh cuttings.